Thursday, April 23, 2009

I don't Get This Congresswoman Jane Harman Scandal

I think this is because people hear "Israel," , "intelligence" and Jews all in one paragraph and start hyperventilating.

I am sort with Mickey Kaus on this.

Guess this feud is over: Nancy Pelosi speaks out in defense of Jane Harman!

"I have great confidence in Jane Harman," Pelosi said. "She's a patriotic American. She would never do anything to hurt her country."

Thanks, Nancy ... for, you know, emphasizing the whole unpatriotic, betray-your country issue. ... P.S.: I used to work for Harman and like her. Maybe I'm biased. But I don't completely understand what all the fuss is about. So someone convinces her that this prosecution is unfair and she says she'll probably lobby against it. And then this person puts in a good word for her with Pelosi about committee assignments. If this person is also (unbeknownst to Harman) a spy what does that change? Is that different than if they were an ambassador, or foreign leader, or foreign pundit, or New Republic editor? Or president of a respected non-profit? Seems like everyday politics. No secrets were leaked to anyone, as far as I know. Whether it's corrupt or not depends on whether Harman genuinely thought the prosecution was unfair, which in turn depends at least in part on whether it really was unfair, no? But maybe I'm missing something. ... 4:33 P.M


Carlos Echevarria said...

Did you see the silly Atlas Shrugs post about the Holy Father briefly donning a keffiya given to him by a Palestinian Gazan.

I like Pamela but she equated it to wearing an SS uniform or something???

Ironically, I see a great deal of anti Catholicism by elements of the anti Jihadist movement which I belong to.

Do people forget the Regensburg speech? The baptism last year of the prominent Muslim in the Vatican, the opening of a Catholic church in Qatar and negotiations for one on Saudi soil!!!

So what, we abandon our Arab Catholics in the Middle East to Muslim domination??? Sure, I disagree with the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem but this makes no sense...

James H said...

Yeha I like her too I agree some people are a tad sensational

Again the power of not hitting the submit button before thinking