Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tired of Complaining Pro-Life Conservatives!!! - Time to Produce

Boy really tired

If I hear one more time- I am a conservative not a Republican I think I will barf.

As part of the unclean it appears that does the unholy work of going door to door and spending weekends at malls trying to get people to register Republican at the end of the day when I log in to the net I hear - I am not Republican but I will analyze what the party is doing wrong and overview it from the comfort of my chair in front of the computer.

I really wish some of these Conservative pro-lifers that seem to think they are so superior will go start their own party as they constantly threaten. However I predict something. Once they leave the issue of abortion they will be excommunicating each other left and right on issues such as the war on terror, to immigration to tax policy. Sadly I noticed that many Catholic Republicans that supported McCain on torture and immigration usually downplayed that so not to upset their conservative friends while loudly in the amen corner that McCain was a RINO. Yeah I noticed that.

I have been on several blogs and the talking of the day was the Spectre defection. It came up in several places in a related issue well look what we did to Rick Santorum!! We showed him. So we lost not only a reliable Republican procedural vote (which overall helps pro-life causes) but we lost a guy that had a terrific pro-life record. But my gosh we showed Rick Santorum who worked to relected Spectre. So we won!!! Yeah the unborn was helped by that. I am sure the unborn at the abortion clinic are cheering on the fact you showed Rick Santorum who was boss as they got killed

Somehow I don't see that showing up Santorum up as a big pro-life victory but some people do. Again I guess I don't take politics so personal and think of it as personalities.

I saw this as to the McCain race. The goal post kept being moved!! The last goal post was the pick of VP. If McCain picks a pro-choice VP we shall revolt and leave. Well he picked Palin that not only was pro-life but as we learned walked the tak in apersonal way. Where were all those waves of pro-life voters that would bring victory. They did not materialize. As a pro-lifer that works in the GOP (I know heresy) I was working my butt off for McCain. Where were these waves of pro-lifers coming to help. largely AWOL.

Well we have now the very Catholic state of Penn. The GOP nominee will be no doubt pro-life versus a likely pro-choice Democrat (very likely Specter). It has been the dream and in fact agenda of many to get rid of Spectre.

Well now you (we) have a blessing. We don't have to spend money on a GOP fight. There is really no excuse for pro-lifers not to produce. I pray they will. Put your money where your mouth is and get a pro-lifer as the winner in the Penn race. There can be no blaming the GOP in this one. The GOP in the end is not nameless folks in DC but tons of people outside the belt way like me that are the nuts and bolts.


So go and support the pro-life Republican versus likely the pro-choice Dem nominee in Penn. Just support them.

No one is interested and in particular the unborn in your opening talking point "I am a consevative not a Republican blah blah blah blah BUT" and ten minutes later you get to the point. The average voter or more likely the person you are asking to send a buck to the GOP PENN effort is not really interested in your personal manifesto and also gripes of how the GOP is going wrong. I mean that is what blogs are for. STAY FOCUSED

The only one that is interested in that is your Internet friends that debate what out of the five conservative factions are the true conservatives and who else all are the RINOS. Go over to the Crunchy Con blog or Free Republic to get that frustration out if you must. Keep you eyes on the prize.

Again time to produce.


SJ Reidhead said...

Very good.

I'm more disgusted today with Brownbeck. I can't believe he betrayed his convictions and voted for pro-abortion Sibelius.

The Pink Flamingo

James H said...

Thanks SJ

As to Brownback yes I am disappointed. I suppose he thinks hey I will be a pro -life Gov but this woman is radical and will cause more damage in the postion she is going in. It is just a scandal. Plus Brownback seems to have just made Republicans pro-life or not just mad by this move. It is all baffling

Yeah I guess as to the rest I am just sick of this. We are a hundred days into a very radical adminstration on many fronts and I keep hearing


WTF!! If you can't see the difference now and especially what it appears to be a filibuster proof majority well I guessss they are in dream land

It all looks still like 2006. I see social conservative Republicaion thinking if all these moderates and Libertarians can go away we would win. I see the moderates and the fiscal conservatives going if only these social conservatives could go away it would be perfect

Lately I have been watching AJ's blog(who used to be the model of sanity) lashing out at everyone that does have his view of the world as right wing fanatics. So now the "moderates" are in self destruct mode too

Needless to say this is not the road to success. I still believe it is better to be in a party with people you agree with folks on 80 percent of the issues than to destroy it because they don't agree with you on a hundred percent

THe GOP bashing is getting old. I can't help but note it is the same group of people (across the Republican belief system spectrum) that do all the nuts and bolts work and host the dinners and the meetings and the fundraising, and get out the vote.

All these factions ( I am a conservative but a Republican but.....) or (I am a moderate not the right wing ) don't seem to have a clue that election day does not come off by magic. Well hell you know what I mean. You are as involved as I am.

I guess it will take a disaster for people to realize that there is a difference between healthy inra party deabte and pure destructiion