Monday, April 27, 2009

Does LSU Have a SWAT TEAM?

As they say everything in the SEC is biggers and better but that usually applies to sports :).

Over at the Corner

Teaching Moment [Mark Steyn]
Over the weekend, George Zinkhan, a 57-year old "marketing professor" at the University of Georgia, apparently shot his ex-wife and two middle-aged men at a community theatre a mile from the campus.
What caught my attention in the coverage was
this photograph of "the University of Georgia SWAT team" dressed to storm the beaches of Normandy. Is it routine for educational institutions to have SWAT teams? And, if so, is it just colleges or do high schools have them, too?
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Not saying this is a bad idea but is this becoming the norm?


Paul Cat said...

LSU doesn't need a SWAT team. We got ourselves a couple of cajuns with a six pack and a case of dy-no-mite!

James H said...