Friday, April 24, 2009

"Catholic" Democrats Backing Obama On Notre Dame Visit (Updated)

See Ten Reason's post here "Back up Obama"

Tip of the Hat to American Catholic that has the link and in which no doubt will have a interesting comment section at their post on it.

This brings up a interesting point I have been wanting to talk about. There seems to be a ton of pontificating about how so called Republcaths and how many Catholics are destroying the true Catholic message by all this interaction with the Republican party.

Now I find this most curious since for most of our history the American Catholic powers that be have largely been active in the Democrat party. Further if one looks at this election Catholic Democrats and Catholics for Obama were very much more in the inner chambers of party and directing it. Just look at the leadership!!! But somehow it is these messy Catholic conservatives that get called out.

A point here. Let us imagine that Rudy Giuliani got elected President and got a invite to Notre Dame. From what I observed the past year I have a hard time see the Catholic Republican organization (is there even such a creature that means anything) endorsing his trip and that venue to speak.

Yet it is we that are partisan.

The Pew sitter has a wonderful expose on who these Catholic heavy hitters are. I advise all to read it . See

Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good: A Religious and Political Trojan Horse Organization

Look at those names mentioned and their past association with the Catholic Church. The Catholic right has nothing like that in reality. I mean how many times have we had little ole Deal Hudson paraded out by Catholics democrats but these folks go under the radar.

Yet conservative Catholics in politics are portrayed as by many as being the Whore of the Book of Revelations and presenting a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO HOLY MOTHER CHURCH.


Update- Pro Ecclesia has important links here at Proof that the Group Calling Itself "Catholic Democrats" is More "Democrat" Than "Catholic" [UPDATED]

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