Friday, April 24, 2009

Does Miss USA Shows Broken Alliance With Gays and Christians?

Rod Dreher hits on the Miss USA issue here at Miss USA + gay marriage = sign of the times

I think there is a very interesting sub story here that has not be tackled by the press. That is the very huge elements of devout Christian families (the contestants) in beauty pageants working with a huge number of gay men that are involved in the various facets of this industry.

I knew several devout Christians that were friends of mine that were winners in these contests and went to Miss Louisiana. I even knew a Miss Louisiana. My math teacher, who also was the First Baptist Church's piano woman, was a former Miss Farmerville Watermelon Festival and knew the ends and outs of the business as she navigated and gave advice to the girls in class what to do. (She had a wonderful picture of her and her Washington Mardi Gras Dress and cape that had wonder detailed watermelons on it. In the picture she is posing with President Ford in the Oval Office).

It seemed to me this was for all things a easy partnership. While many of these girls and their families might disapprove of the lifestyle of many of the gay men they came into contact with they always loved them. I never heard gay bashing or the sort. It seemed the gay men involved liked these families and the contestants friendship (I knew gay men too involved in these pageants) and did not seem offended that these women did not give a global public endorsement of their lifestyle.

Well it seems possibly a line has been crossed. Another sort of unofficial social contract broken. The interesting question will be the push back. I have a hard time seeing the Miss Louisiana pageant stand by and being dictated too Catholic girl x from Breaux Bridge is going to be disqualified in reality because she is an orthodox Catholic and she will not compromise her beliefs.

These families invest ten of thousands dollars in these things and they want to win. Yet as we see they are devout. This I suspect is duplicated all over the country.

It will be interesting to watch this.

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