Friday, April 24, 2009

The Governor Palin Legal Defense Fund Is Up and Running

Lets Get it Right has the news and link at Defend and Assist Gov. Palin

I am finding that many people on the Left and Right are getting more concerned about the political use of lawsuits and "ethic" complaints in order to hurt a political foe and drain their resources. It does seem it is getting out of control.

I will be talking about the legal torture memo mess later. But one aspect of that is the witchhunts that go against people in public service and the amazing legal bills they pile up. These are not always wealthy people.

In my view good government regulations are not being used to destroy good government

Sadly this is what is happening to Gov Palin in many ways.


Anonymous said...

What is she being accused of? I am aware of the trooper gate accusations which she was cleared of.

How can you tell if this is a site she actually supports or some scam?

Please reply. I would love ot help her if I am sure its a reliable site.

James H said...

It is a legit organization. THe main guy at National Review seems to vouch for it

See this link

He has alos been keeping up to date with the Witchhunt. He gives an example of the latest here against Palin