Monday, April 27, 2009

Former Vatican Envoy And Notre Dame Honoree Will Not Appear At Notre Dame With Obama

I agree this is very huge!!! Creative Minority Report has her statement here at Wow! Mary Ann Glendon Declines ND Invite

Ambassador Glendon will not be able to be called some political hack very easily either. She is a distinguished jurist and and has done incredible work for the United States and her faith.

Here is her background.

She is regarded as one of the best envoys we have sent to the Vatican on both sides of the pond. Make no doubt this comes at some cost to her. This is one of the highest awards a Catholic can receive in the United States.


Subvet said...

Watch now as her name is dragged through the mud. God bless her for her courage.

James H said...

Oh no doubt it will be. THough I suspect some of the usual folks that comment will be quiet on this.

For instance I think she and Doug Kmiec are friedns so he will be careful with this