Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I didn't think Catholic Conservatives Cared About Torture?

At least that is the gospel I hear from certain Catholic quarters

Mirrors of Justice has a good link to a fairly good article. See "Torture: What it is, and Why it is wrong"

Prog Garnett comments:
But wait, there must be some mistake. Public Discourse is a front for right-wing Catholic torture apologists, isn't it? We all know that Robby George and that crew care only about fetuses, and not about detainees, right? RG: ed, stop reading Andrew Sullivan.

So true. I guess I better get off the fence on this torture. enhanced interrogation issue soon. I have not been shy talking about how I am not thrilled how this conversation has been going.

Philosopher Chris Tollefson is good and challenging. But I am not exactly on board with everything he says yet.

So expect a post when I decide to take a stand and engage this.

I will say at this point it is silly and dangerous to prosecute lawyers that wrote memos or other officials on this. I will get into that later on that post

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