Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Daughter of Amb. Mary Ann Glendon Explains Why She Declined American Catholicism's Highest Honor (Obama Notre Dame Controversy)

A wonderful article by Amb Mary Ann Glendon's daughter. Pro Ecclesia has the post here at Elizabeth Lev: "Why My Mother Turned Down Notre Dame's Laetare Medal"

Too many of us Mary Ann Glendon is truly a American Catholic role model. She is not only a model Catholic but a woman that has given her life to public service. I noted with some sad dismay again another tad of sexism in the so called enlightened quarters of the media regarding Glendon. Get Religon noted this when they noticed the title of this article and said:

I also have to note this write-up from MSNBC’s First Read in a story headlined “ABORTION FOE DECLINES NOTRE DAME AWARD” (which is a pretty interesting way to reduce the life’s work of an accomplished woman)

Accomplished is not the start of it. Again I smell a whiff of sexism in what I have seen. Oh she is just one those anti abortion people you know. I do wonder if this was a MAN that had Glendon's credentials if the press and others would be paying more attention. Again just a thought.

Pro-Ecclesia also has a gem of a article where a prominent writer at American magazine was predicting that the Right would start attacking Glendon because she was going to attend. Another must read at "... Dollars to Doughnuts ..."

Those attacks never came despite the predictions of people more on the left that pontificate on conservative Catholics but never really understand them. You know the people that pronounce with such certainty and bravo that conservative pro-life Catholics just care about unborn babies. However as we see they have come on the left from the Catholic Democrats. See Deplorable “Catholic Democrats” deplore Amb. Glendon

As Jay said

"Exactly. I'm thinking Michael Sean Winters was somewhat guilty of projection in criticizing pro-life "right wingers" for something they never did, but which turned out to be exactly the tack the Catholic left immediately took as soon as Ambassador Glendon acted in a manner inconsistent with humble obeisance to The One."

and in another damning observation

Hmmm. What have you to say to that, Michael Sean Winters? Will he admonish these new attackers of Ambassador Glendon in the same way he tsk-tsked pro-lifers for predicted attacks on her that never transpired? Think he'll continue to defend Ambassador Glendon as "a source of pride for all Catholics, not just for conservatives" and continue to express admiration for "her accomplishments, her intellectual force, and her love for the Church" in the face of such criticism from his fellow Obamaphile Catholics?I'm not holding my breath.

I am not either. I think we now see who should really be giving the commencement address at Notre Dame

But what do I do know. I am just some right wing Republican talking point Catholic as the meme goes.


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