Friday, May 16, 2008

Prof Kmiec, Obama, and the Denial of Communion

Professor Kmiec is the former Dean and St. Thomas More Professor of the law school at The Catholic University of America . He is very much involved in Pro-Life issues and the Church in the public square. 99 percent of Catholic in the United States of course have no clue who he is.

However he is still a influence and he is arguing for Obama. He talked among other things how a Chaplin recently denied him communion over his stance. I shall leave it to others why he mentioned this and did not at first handle this matter privately with the Bishop. To the shock no doubt of I suspect many Catholic For Obama supports many of us hardline mean anti Obama Catholics thought the Chaplin had over stepped his bounds.

I tend to agree and Canon Law expert Mr Peters shows why here. On a side note I am glad Canon Law and our rights as Catholics are being examined. Hopefully perhaps we can examine those Canons that give me a right to a proper liturgy and having my Children educated properly in the Catholic Faith!!

I very much agree with Dr Peters when he says:
"I suppose it's inevitable that, with steps finally being taken toward the enforcement of Canon 915, some hotheads are going to misapply the law. But that's not the law's fault; that's bad catechesis, something over which even priests can stumble."

Expect more of this in the future. Let me say also at this point the Priest has not told his side yet!!

Going from that issue to Prof Kmiec. I am still amazed how someone can go from being a Romney advisor to a now endorsing Obama. How this conversion happened and the questions it raises still have not been really answered to my satisfaction.

Prof Kmiec reasoning for supporting and advocating for Obama are even more troubling and inconsistent. However someone pegged the problem big time. The Obama that Kmiec is advocating for does not exist!!! We have seen this in the most curious of Kmiec for Obama pioeces lately.

Pro Ecclesia has this pegged at his post Did Doug Kmiec Just Now Catch On That Obama and NARAL Are Politically Conjoined? [UPDATED] Prof Kmiec is sort of a jam because people keep endorsing Obama that are to say the least problematic to his position. Also the fact that Obama does not seem to have gotten on board with any of Prof Kmiec's positions is starting to become apparent. In the above link someone points at all so well:

The other mildly disturbing thing about all this is that Kmiec seems to be dealing almost entirely with an Obama that exists entirely within his own head. A couple weeks ago he was excited about Obama supporting the 95-10 initiative -- except that Obama does not support that.Now he says Obama should prove he's not really pro-abortion by advocating adoption -- but Obama doesn't show any signs of being disturbed by NARAL's endorsement.This seems to be another case of a smart (perhaps too smart) person treating Obama as the tabula rasa on which to write out all his own concerns, without ever actually consulting the real Obama.

How true. I mean how long will this charade continue. Prof Kmiec line of reasoning seems to be:
(1) He will listen to us Prolifer (What he is basing this on and what this means in real political terms we don't know)
(2) Obama is a Uniter and represents a new kind of politics and thus gives us a new dynamic, even though it appears day by day that Obama is just an average politician.

Every time I read one of Prof Kmiec pieces I get a sense I have learned nothing new about Obama but more what Prof Kmiec would like Obama to be. Why we should put so much trust Prof Kmiec . IS he a trusted insider? Does he have real influence?

As I keep pointing out to do what Prof Kmiec says Obama will do (that is the reaching out and new kind of politics) takes well pissing some of your supporters off to be blunt. I have not seen this as to Obama and issues of trade(See The Columbia Free Trade Deal) , I did not see it in the immigration reform fight(See Obama Poison pill that killed it in the Senate much to the glee of Union), I have not seen it on any Pro-life legislation, I did not see it to Judges (Was he a part of the Gang of 14? UH NO) in fact I have not seen it all.

While as to McCain much to the damage of his political ambitions we have seen him reaching out on issues of Torture, Gitmo, immigration, Judges, the Dubai Port Controversy, the Environment, etc etc. John McCain has made a lot of various conservatives mad and that hurts him. Yet Obama is the Uniter and is the new kind of politics?


John C. Hathaway said...

What about the rights of the Host?

For centuries, Catholic teaching was that the Eucharist was the Sacred Mysteries (and still is in the East) . THe emphasis was on safeguarding the Eucharist from desecration, not on the "rights" of laity. Martyrs died precisely not to expose the Host to desecration.

Today, a priest exercises his prudential judgement in saying that a particular Catholic was not worthy to receive the Host, and bloggers are putting that layman's prudential judgement about whom to vote for above the prudential judgement of the priest.

James H said...

That is one reason I would like t ehar from the Priest involved. I also wished that perhaps he would have handled this in a more private manner with the Bisop before making this a public issue