Friday, May 16, 2008

LSU Tigers Clinch SEC WEST In Baseball

Georgia beats Alabama 5-4 So we Clinch the WEST!!!! SEC Tournament Here We come!!!

Currently LSU is beating Auburn in Game 2: of the series LSU 11 Auburn 5 Bottom 7th

In Other Good Louisiana News
Auburn Softball Falls To Louisiana Tech 1-0 In First Round of NCAA

Geaux Tech

Update- Great Day For Louisiana Tech Softball and LSU Baseball

As to LSU Baseball Tigers win the Second game of the series- LSU 15 Auburn 6
LSU believe it or not is going for its $th Series Sweep in row and a winning streak of 15 games( We now have the longest winning streak in the nation) in the next and last game against Auburn. If someone had told me this would happen a month a go I would told then to get off the Crack pipe. This is one of the most dramatic turnarounds in LSU Baseball history that I can recall.

This is the SEC standings Tonight with one game to go
LSU 17-11-1
Alabama 15-14
Ole Miss 14-15
Arkansas 13-15
Auburn 11-18
Miss. State 9-20

Georgia 20-8-1
Kentucky 16-13
Florida 16-13
Vanderbilt 15-13
S. Carolina 14-15
Tennessee 12-17

Tournament Seedings
1 Georgia
3 Kentucky
4 Florida
5 Vanderbilt
6 Alabama
7 South Carolina
8 Ole Miss

So, For those interested in the SEC West teams, obviously LSU has clinched the west and will be the #2 seed in the tournament. Alabama has clinched a spot in the field and can do no worse than the six seed. Either Ole Miss or Arkansas will make the tournament (maybe both). If Ole Miss wins at Kentucky tomorrow, they are in. Arkansas needs a win and a loss by either South Carolina or Ole Miss to get in. They blew a three run lead in the ninth at MSU tonight, a devastating loss.

As to the game on Wednesday LSU Will play either South Carolina, Ole Miss, or Arkansas, depending on tomorrow's results.

Update II
Some Games of Interest
First in State Schools
UNO, 8 ULL, 11 (FINAL) Rice, 6 Tulane, 2 (FINAL) [GAME 2]

For those Looking at the LSU possibilty for a National Seed some Significant results from tonights games
#6 Nebraska, 1 #44 Missouri, 8 (FINAL)
#7 Texas A&M, 2 #38 Texas, 5 (FINAL)

Before tonight...
#6 Nebraska (39-9)
#7 Texas A&M (42-11)
#38 Texas (31-19)
#44 Missouri (34-17)

SO IF LSU proceed to win the last game against Auburn and win the SEC Tournament do we have a cahnce of a a national top 8 seed? Well since Nebraska, Texas A&M, and North Carolina State all lost tonight, so LSU is officially within striking distance.
Georgia, Georgia Tech, East Carolina, and Cal State Fullerton, are all in the mix with us according to one person I saw post tonight and has a good feel of this

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