Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mark Krikorian is Concerned about Last names that end with a Vowel

Well not today but I can imagine in a past life he would be going "Who let all these damn Italians in!!!!"

Mr Krikorian has a post over at the National Review Corner blog that is alarmist in nature that Jose is again the top boy's name for babies born in Texas in 2007. Mr Krikorian does the illegal immigration issue as a side job. His other jobs include slowing down legal migration to a standstill, the stopping of high valued high tech workers from immigrating to the USA, ranting on about how immigrants can ruin the military, how new Hispanics will not Israel, etc etc. IN other words he has a agenda that really muddies the water on this difficult issue.

I think it would be nice if the National Review wanted to oppose immigration reform they could have someone on staff that does not use the issue as a means to advance a extreme population control agenda. Perhaps the National Review can get some quality Hispanic staff that are mainstream conservatives that can talk about assimilation and advancing the conservative agenda among Hispanics and Latinos. I don't know that seems like a good idea.

I have studied the issue of immigration for some time. Have no doubt that in 50 years there will be a Mr Jose or Mr Juan at the National Review talking about all these damn new Chinese or Indian names no doubt and how it is changing the "Character of America"


Kathryn said...

Actually, "Jose" is a FIRST name ending in a vowel. (As is Alexei, Antonio, Beau, and Lance.)

James H said...

That is true lol. I only remembered that expression of Vowel endings because at one time that was used in not such a nice way at Italians.

I could not come up with a suitable Hispanic last name that grabbed me when I did the post

Anonymous said...

KRIKORIAN. It doesn't sound like much of a WASP last name. Maybe in the past someone,somewhere in the U.S. didn't want anyone with the last name KRIKORIAN in the U.S. either, legal or not.