Thursday, May 22, 2008

Christians Persecuted in India- Yet no one Cares

We often here about extreme Islamic terrorism of Christians and for good reasons. However why is this not on the headlines
The epicenter of the violence is Orissa, a state facing the Bay of Bengal, south of Calcutta. Here, since Christmas until now, there have been 7 deaths, 5,000 left homeless, and 70 churches, 600 homes, 6 convents, and 3 seminaries destroyed.

Good Grief. I am not expert on India and I have no clue about the ethnic and poltical dynamics there really. I am governed here in Lousiana by a Indian Governor that was Hindu of course before he converted to the Catholic Faith.

Governor Bobby Jindal gets a lot of Rock Star Treatment in India Newspapers. It appears that from the area he was from that most of his family and their neighbors thought his conversion no big deal. Perhaps there are areas of great tolerance and areas of great intolerance. It is in the end close to a billion people!!!

That being said this is disturbing and I wonder why we are hearing more about it. I would expect if in the very UNLIKELY EVENT Governor Jindal became McCain's VP choice that many Christians might raise this with Jindal. Perhaps they would not. To be honest, I was not aware of the severity of the situation till recently. Which is strange since we have a good number of Indian Priest here in the United States

Anyway a very good read here at India at Peace. But Not with the Christians by the Rome Based Sandro Magister

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