Thursday, May 22, 2008

Catholics Weigh In On a Possible McCain/Jindal Ticket!!

This entry at Inside Catholic is about what I am seeing at all over the place Don't do it, Bobby!

I think those concerns are valid and to be honest as AI have stated many times I think the chances of him getting selected are slim.

Five Years ago Jindal lost to Blanco largely over the age issue. I don't think that has gone away as putting him a heartbeat away from the most powerful job in the World.

There is a risk though. If Conservatives want to keep Jindal in the running for the future they need to look after him. It is a very easy for a Southern Republican Governor to get the "Huckabee" treatment. Some of the attacks on Huckabee Economic record was bizarre. Largely coming from the Club for Growth folks.

Jindal might be toast of the town now , but some of these same forces are already giving Bobby grief in Louisiana So if you want him as a future possible asset then help watch his back

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