Friday, May 23, 2008

McCain and the Courts- What is At Stake!!!

It seems like clockwork every couple of weeks we have numerous Republicans getting the vapors over McCain. I was going to make a huge post on this but I expect I will wait.

However three posts show what is at stake. First the Anchoress has Sobering Gut Check II. Southern Appeal has a must read at “Why Do Conservatives Care So Much About the Courts?”. Lastly see Rod Dreher from Dallas Morning News fame piece Gay marriage and the Obama court

In the Anchress post I said in part in the comment section:

"Anchoress you are right on!!!"

I have watched as various conservative pundit have turned on Bush the last few months. How he was the death to conservativsm etc etc. What they do not realize that by his Court appointments not only on the Supreme Court but on the district and Appeals level he very well might have saved it. Many times Conservatives fail to even to remember to give lip service to this because

(1)Pundits are not lawyers;
(2)Their Understanding of the Judical Issues are Sophmoric at best
(3) Because Judges do not appear on Hannity and Hardball

They often forget how important this Third Branch of Govt is. It is amazing but if Bush had lost Ohio, Kerry would have appointed replacements for O’Conner, the Chief Justice and I am willing to bet Stevens if not Ginsburg.

Conservatism would have been sent back decades!!!

Conservatives still have not realized the profound effect of the Altio and Roberts appointments. Needless to say we are to use a baseball term in desperate need of some insurance runs aka another seat on the court at the very least.

If people want to see what is at stake they need to look at Obama Judicial viewpoint and McCains. It is night and day!!! We are truly at the point of significant victory here or at the point of snatching major defeat from the jaws of victory.

Just McCain’s Appeal and District Court appointments would really do major long lasting things for conservativism.

Oh and let me add one other thing for all people that want to lose to win. We are about to have this Census thing. We do not want to be out of power when that goes down for obvious reasons......

I then quote the excellent observation that should obvious to anyone that I have linked in the above Southern Appeals post.

The problem is not only must we elect McCain but we must protect the Senate. McCain will have a huge hard time getting the people he wants if the Dems have a close to 60 votes.

If you need any other persuasion go see The Southern Appeals post McCain on Judges. That is not the Obama viewpoint.

One last thought. It is very likely the next Supreme Court Justices picked will be deciding the whole "Right to Die" issues. If you not want the United States to look like the Holland then I would suggest a vote for Obama is not a wise bet!!!!

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