Saturday, February 23, 2008

What Catholics Must Believe as To the Creation

I have commented before how the whole Huckabee/Evolution saga shows how the media is not good at reporting about religion. Sadly many bloggers(that are suppose to be a counter to the MSM as facts) went into theatrics also. It was unfortunate that people meshed together evolution and young earth Creationism and many other topics. Huckabee's beliefs as well as the beliefs of millions of people were not really portrayed fairly.

You are Cephas has a good post on what Catholics must believe as to Creation and how it occured at Six Literal Days? I thought his part of the post dealng with the Church Fathers was interesting:

Among the Church fathers there exists a wide variation of opinion on how long creation took. Some said only a few days; others argued for a much longer, indefinite period. Those who took the latter view appealed to the fact "that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day" (2 Pet. 3:8; cf. Ps. 90:4), that light was created on the first day, but the sun was not created till the fourth day (Gen. 1:3, 16), and that Adam was told he would die the same "day" as he ate of the tree, yet he lived to be 930 years old (Gen. 2:17, 5:5)

.St. Augustine wrote, "For in these days (of creation) the morning and evening are counted until, on the sixth day, all things which God then made were finished, and on the seventh the rest of God was mysteriously and sublimely signalized. What kind of days these were is extremely difficult or perhaps impossible for us to conceive, and how much more to say!" (The City of God 11:6 [A.D. 419]).

Yet Basil the Great said, "‘And there was evening and morning, one day.’ Why did he say ‘one’ and not ‘first’? . . . He said ‘one’ because he was defining the measure of day and night . . . since twenty-four hours fill up the interval of one day" (The Six Days Work 1:1–2 [A.D. 370]).

Even still St. Cyprian said, "The first seven days in the divine arrangement contain seven thousand years" (Treatises 11:11 [A.D. 250]).


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