Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shakespearean Les Miles Debuts at LSU Pre-Spring Training Presser

Gosh I just love LSU Coach Les Miles. He was in in rare form today. You can find the the press conference here on this page at Les Miles Spring FB Press Conference.

It was Les and the press and his habit of being as silent as Spinx again which riles the press corp up. Last year he created some controversy over his injury policy and how the Press should report it. Also one person said in that same conference he was like a former President:

Amazingly, this gets better with perhaps the quote of the year (emphasis mine) :

“Don’t get me wrong, I know the answers. I mean I can tell you exactly what’s wrong. But I choose not to [disclose injury specifics], and I’m honest when I say I’m deceptive. I’m supposed to be. But it’s with forethought, not to be entertaining, not to be flippant, but to be thoughtful of the team you represent.

First of all, call this a stunning left hook: the man has a vocabulary! Second of all, can we nominate Miles for college football’s Man of the Year? Or has he not already won the damn thing barely four weeks in? Thanks for the material, coach. Please, keep it up, we love it. His only challenger at this point is Jim Harbaugh. Who knew they’d both be Michigan Men? Yet another reason for our esteemed colleague Brian Cook to be pulling his hair out.
Getting back to Miles here - that quote is Nixonian in quality. I want to print it out and frame it on my wall or something. I get what he’s saying, but in the wrong context, hell in almost any context it’s just so … priceless
WELL TODAY , Les Miles went from Nixonian to almost Shakespearean in response to a reporter's question if he could put them out of their misery as to the whole if , what , and when is up with the Ryan Perrilloux situation. This is about ten minutes in on the above link. Les said:
My discipline is about team discipline. And those things should not be your misery. You should go on, do your job, and enjoy yourself and relax in bliss. The fact that you don't know stuff, and that you will never know stuff, and at some point you will get to know stuff, and then it’ll be a concrete piece and your misery should be extended no further.
The Press Conference is pretty good. He hits on the LSU players that are involved in Track(Like Holliday) and Baseball(Like Chad Jones) and how that will be dealt with in spring Practice. A note here. There seems to be a real competition between Andrew Hatch and Jarrett Lee for the QB job. Les did not favor one over the other. As to Ryan Perrilloux ,Les said he needs to do certain things to get back on the "team".
Now I think it is highly likely that RP will of course do that and of course be the starter. In fact Les did not rule out Perrilloux coming back at some point during Spring practice. However the whole news conference as to the QB question was focused on LEE and HATCH. It seems one of those kids will be getting significant playing time next year.
Anyway good and fun press conference
Here are the early News Reports

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