Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Latest on the Good Friday Prayers Saga( SSPX Chimes In)

Ahh well Society of Saint Pius the X has chimed in and as I thought not in a productive manner. I still think this groups is in schism in a real sense even though we seem to play around with words as to that.

First a good positive article. All of these are courtesy of Father Z who gives his commentary. Jewish Prof. Jacob Neusner gets it. He points out that Jews pray for Gentiles to convert so what is the big deal. Go see

New Good Friday prayer & “shelo asani goi”: the logic of monotheism and its eschatological hope

Another good article/post is Fr. Welzbacher’s Pastor’s Page on the Good Friday Prayer of Jews - excellent

Now as to the SSPX

Go see
SSPX comment on Good Friday prayer for Jews: profound regret

Excomm’d SSPX Bp. Williamson on Good Friday prayer: good points but calls Benedict XVI anti-semitic

Fr Z taken to task over focus on traditionalist rejection of new Good Friday prayer

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