Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pope Benedict Commends American Catholic Bishop of Fargo On Reordering Sacraments of Initiation

For most American Catholics of the Latin Rite the order of Sacraments of Initiation is - Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation. There has been some discussion in making it Baptism , Confirmation, and Eucharist. In some places that is being implemented

I find this quite significant. Father Z has American Bishop receives kudos from the Pope for reordering sacraments

I very much agree with this move and I hope it catches on elsewhere in the USA. The fact its seems the Pope likes it maybe it will

...The Bishop of Fargo said the changes have also distanced the Sacrament of Confirmation from “some false theologies that see it as being a sacrament of maturity or as a sacrament for ‘me choosing God.’” Instead, young people in Fargo now have “the fullness of the spirit and the completion of the gifts of the spirit” to assist them in “living their lives within the world,” especially “in the trials they face in junior high and high school.”.....

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