Friday, March 9, 2012

The Myth of the Overly Right Wing Political Local Evangelical or Baptist Church ?

I am not saying this does not happen. No doubt political involvement by non Pentecostal white Churches has increased some a the local Church level over the decades.

Also unlike a Catholic system it does seem networking among members of a Faith Community are easier even if not endorsed by the local Church.

But still it seems very much the exception and not the norm when we look at the sheer volume of these Churches. I rarely see it in my area. So I share some of the annoyance of this writer at Mere Orthodoxy of the scapegoating and yes perhaps double standard some are using .

In the end the term "culture war" seems to be thrown around all too easily and worse seems to be expanding at a rapid rate in what it now includes.

See Of Foils & Scapegoats: Evangelicals & Partisanship.

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