Monday, March 5, 2012

Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu Will Run Re-Election In 2014

From the Associated Press reporter Melinda Deslatte that covers the Louisiana beat.

Sen. Mary says she is "definitely running for re-election" for a 4th term in #2014, despite previous speculation about her plans.

My first thought is that people that share the concerns about the HHS Mandate and Religious Liberty implications need to start applying the pressure now. Since she is running we now know for sure I think she is a gettable vote. She voted against the Blunt amendment , but I hope she can be turned. But that is going to require some pressure.

However with the extensive Catholic school system and other related entities ( including many non Catholic ones) that would be effected I have to think we have a shot. She can't ignore that without consequence.

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Kurt said...

The Blunt Amendment has turned out to be a big loser for the GOP. They are running away from this issue as fast as they can.