Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lisa Miller Concerned About GOP Big Families

I have not commented on the Rush "slut" issue on here because I well I not sure why I as a Republican have to act like Rush is someone I voted for. I don't even listen to the guy.

Regardless here is the latest assault to the " supposed war on the women" and "war on birth control" , or however which way this is framed. Lisa Miller seem offended because some GOP men have more than two kids. See STOIDI…WON DNA

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APOV said...

This person writes, "It is just that some of us resent the hell out of being forced to pay for someone else's birth control...."

Those who work for my health insurance are me, myself, and I. My employer does not give me anything as a gift. They compensate me to the extent that they are forced by law and labor market competition to do so. What is paid for by my compensation is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS, and I resent this person in you link, saying he or she resents paying for my birth control. Any moral implication in the medical care of any employee is absolutely none of the business of the employer, unless the employee holds ministerial religious credentials in a religious organization which is their employer. Why can't the Jewish hospital say that their employees can not spend any part of their compensation to purchase pork? It is the same moral implication as the Catholic hospital saying that the compensation paid to their employees can not be used to pay for contraception. Open the door and everybody can walk through it. If they are successful in this effort to destroy the separation of church and state in this matter of claiming that not being able to dictate morality regarding the health insurance which their employee work for and earn with their own labor, the next thing they will do is claim that it is a violation of their religious freedom if they are not allowed to withhold 10% of the salary of every employee and give it back to the Catholic church. If there is one thing that I have ever learned in life, it is that you give them an inch and they will take a mile.