Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Does Kirk Cameron Matter More Than Sandra Fluke This Week ?

People have been focused on Sandra Fluke ,and how she was treated by Rush Limbaugh. That is not the media episode I have been thinking on lately. I don't have a lot of interest in Rush , and this seems to be a tad contrived on many angles by all sides.

No what got me thinking was Kirk Cameron on the Piers Morgan show.

Partly because of the HHS mandate , I have been thinking about the issues surrounding where Christians might be able to live out their lives. An alternative structure or the 21st century of the Catacombs as it were . Will that be even possible?

Denny Burke has the vid , and has some thoughts here at Are you paying attention to Kirk Cameron?

I did not like how this interview played out ,and its been nagging me for several reasons. As Denny said:

Cameron did not come on the program to talk about homosexuality, and he even looked like he was trying to change the subject. But Morgan pressed him, and so Cameron answered.

And you can watch and see his response. Later Denny notes:

Are we really at a place where a Christian who is pressed for his views on a matter can no longer state those views without being tarred and feathered? I think we are. Christianity hasn’t changed, but the moral consensus of our culture has......

That very well could be so. Read his whole piece where Denny has linked Kirk Cameron's good response.

It is not as dramatic as the Rush/ Fluke/ Culture war flair up. In fact it is some ways lots more subtle.

This goes beyond people in the arts. I suspect it might go to people that might try to get jobs in the Corporate 500. Too lets say Law Firms of some note and then it might get worse than that. In fact I suspect it will very quickly

Of course that might be just part of our Baptismal Promises we shall have to do in the future. Still it might not be pleasant. "Tolerance" even being quiet may not be enough. Full blown acceptance might be what is required.

The question is how do you prepare and raise children for this world for the challenge ahead. I would suggest this.

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