Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why English Catholics Don't Want To Disturb the Monarchy

Tip of the the Hat to Pro Eccelsia for a a link to subject I have a great interest in

I am always curious what UK Catholics think and do when grand Feast days of the English Martyr come around. For instance we just honored St Thomas Moore and John Fisher. English Catholic no doubt are loyal to the State, at least I get a high sense of Patriotism from reading their blogs, but the history and relationship is unique.

Let me admit I am huge English Monarchy fan and when Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip came over for the big Jamestown Events I was glued to the set. My main problem with the Monarchy is that I wish some of the Royal Family would act a lot more responsible. Though those young boys look promising

I have always been curious if English Catholics are up in arms about the Act of Settlement and the fact that it bans Roman Catholics from the throne or from marrying into the royal family without excluding the Spouce from the line.

According to this article over at Inside Catholic from a English Catholic the answers are perhaps surprising . Go see For God and Queen: The Quandary of the English Catholic

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