Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Church Fathers Apologetic Post of the Day- Communion & Forgiveness of Sins

Great post here at The God Fearin' Forum called the Communion & Forgiveness of Sins

I love how he starts out:

"I have already discussed absolution in the third century. The Montanist heretics (not least of which Tertullian) argued that the Church did not have the authority to absolve mortal sin which was committed after baptism. I have also recently made the point that whether or not one could lose their salvation was never a question in the early Church - the question was: could you gain it back once you had lost it!"

The fact that so many people that believe in Once Saved Always Saved in the Christian Community seem not have grasped this historical fact is beyond me.

But he moves on to this next point which is seen in the title of his point. Good read

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