Wednesday, June 25, 2008

McCain to Travel to Columbia (The Country)- How it affects Louisiana

I am very excited about this news!!! Obama opposition to the Free Trade Agreement with Columbia is one those issues that just infuriates me. It is bad economic policy and it is very very bad Foreign policy as to Columbia. Everyone knows that the deal was a good one. I highly suspect that Obama knows it too. Will it get press? I doubt it

A quick note Louisiana voters. Perhaps at some point we should thinking in our self interest. The FREE TRADE AGREEMENT affect us!! New Orleans as well as places like the Port of Shreveport to name a few would benefit greatly from this deal. The State of Louisiana is primed for maximum benefits from such an agreement. Places like Houston, that i snow the commercial and Financial gateway to South America as well as much of the Gulf Coast are effected. I hope voters recall this when voting this year

Republican presidential candidate John McCain said Tuesday he wants to show his support for Colombia's anti-drug efforts and a pending free-trade agreement with the U.S. by visiting the South American ally. In announcing the trip and citing his friendship with Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, the Arizona senator sought contrasts with his Democratic rival, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois. McCain said Obama opposes U.S. anti-drug aid for the world's largest producer of cocaine and also is against the free-trade agreement, despite having described himself as a proponent of free trade.

McCain said his campaign committee would pay for the trip south- specific travel dates were not announced for security reasons - just as it did last week when he flew north to deliver an economics speech in Canada. His staff committed one mistake in announcing the trip, though, repeatedly misspelling the country as "Columbia." Nonetheless, McCain cast his support for Colombia, its leaders and its people in the friendliest of terms. "I have been to Colombia before and I know President Uribe and I know the struggle that nation has undergone," he said, noting past descriptions of the country as a failed nation. "I want to thank him. I want to know how we can work more closely together.

I want to assure him that I believe in free trade between our two countries, that I believe that our two nations can work together and fight back the scourge of drugs that has so much afflicted their country and ours," McCain said. "I consider him a friend and I consider the people of Colombia my friends as well." An aide to McCain said the trip would be before the Fourth of July.

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