Sunday, June 22, 2008

Talented CNN Religion Reporter Returns to the Vatican

I often comment how BAD BAD BAD secular news coverage of religion is at times. This goes double when the MSM trains its lens on the Catholic Faith.

It was during John Paul the II Funeral CNN coverage that I became aware of a good reporter by the name of Delia Gallagher . First she is quite pleasant to look at which for me is quite a plus and engages me from the start.

Is there Vatican Journalist Hottie Calender? I have visions of what the Italian female Vatican journalist look like.

All kidding aside ,she seemed to have a real feel for her subject and was respected in Vatican circles. She did not also go for the Gotcha journalism

CNN after that coverage had her come over for more full time duties as to religion. I was disappointed they did not use her more and exploit her full potential . It appears in the interview that I link below she perhaps felt that way too.

Well it is telling that she has left the CNN Global Network to return to the Vatican arena. In fact she has become Senior Editor of 'Inside the Vatican' magazine.

The Intersection blog has a nice excerpt of an interview she did as well as a link to the full interview on podcast at FROM CNN TO THE VATICAN

I found this very interesting:

I studied philosophy and theology…at the University of San Francisco which is a Jesuit university. At that university, there was a program called St. Ignatius Institute which was founded by a Jesuit named Father Joseph Fessio who was a student of Cardinal Ratzinger

I did not realize that. No wonder she has so much insight on the Current Pontificate. So America's News loss is Inside the Vatican's game.

Good read

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