Sunday, June 22, 2008

Full Audio and Text of Pope Benedict's Homily to International Eucharistic Congress in Quebec

UPDATE II= Thanks to be God the full English Translation is Finally out.

UPDATE I- As to the Text (Audio below) the Vatican is taking forever it seems in releasing any version that can be translated. I expect it too be out today so check back. Till then here is a article on the Homily

Father Z over at What Does The Prayer Really Say? has the audio of Holy Father’s sermon, delivered from Rome for the Mass in Quebec. It is in both French and English (With no voice overs). Go see Pope Benedict to speak live to Int. Eucharistic Congress

Where is the text. Well it is coming. I just did not feel like changing the title to indicate when I got it. I expect to have a Full English Translation very very very shortly so check back. Look for update at top.

Until then I recommend you go to Blog by the Sea what has incredible coverage and links to Homilies, speechs, vids, of the talks and events at this Congress. Go see here entry 49th International Eucharistic Congress

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