Thursday, June 26, 2008

Archbishop O'Brien Meets Face to Face with Legion's lay arm Regnum Christi

Tip of the hat Whispers in the loggia for this account of a Priest that was there. Go to Jesus Goes to Disney World (By the way if you are Disney Fan and Catholic you love this blog) and his entry A Frank Dialogue .

I think the Legion and the Lay movement has some problems that need to be reformed. However they do much good work through God's Grace.

I also think the ex Regnum Christi members have valid points. However, as I see this play out over the blogs I wish the ex members can find a tad more Charity toward the legion and Regnum Christi.

I sometimes get a sense that some want it smashed in a thousand bits rather than be reformed. That is not saying that is the view of all ex members but that is how it comes across to me and it just turns me off to some of their valid concerns.

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