Wednesday, August 22, 2007

One Big New Orleans Liberal/Progressive Blogger Nails the Anti- Catholic Ads Against Jindal

Your Right Hand Thief is a blog I visit. I have a lot of different viewpoints than he has. However, I have never doubted his love of New Orleans or Louisiana.

In fact this blogger was the one that organized the Rising Tide Conference that got all the bloggers together after Katrina. I also go to him because of the insight that is there on the New Orelans political situation.

This was his take on the situation.
I think grub worms have more strategic insight than the Louisiana Democratic Party.

These new attack ads on Jindal's religious essays are so disgracefully awful and stupid, I don't know where to begin. The main thing is they will fail because they are false, and by being false they will hurt the other Democratic candidates, and thereby play right into the Jindal campaign's hands.

Referring to Jindal quotes like this one

One of the most consequential, and yet neglected, Reformation beliefs is the view that utterly depraved man is incapable of meaningful sanctification.

the LA Dems derive this attack:

Most Americans believe we should respect one another's religion. But not Bobby Jindal. He wrote articles that insulted thousands of Louisiana Protestants. He has referred to Protestant religions as scandalous, depraved, selfish and heretical.

You have to be a real hack to think what Jindal wrote could be fairly characterized as an insult to Louisiana Protestants.The Dems are taking words totally out of context and trying to scare people. I deplore and reject this effort, and call on them to immediately stop.The ads have a textbook structure.

There's the female person/voice to "soften" the attacks, and the corresponding black and white pictures of Jindal (on the web site ), so you know he's a "bad" guy. Some outfit got paid big bucks for this childish crapola.It really irritates me when I have to agree with political analysis provided by someone like Cap'n Feathersword. And Professor Sadow will no doubt claim his earlier predictions were justified, and that's an even greater irritation. There was a veritable treasure trove of stuff in Jindal's religious essays to work with, but it had to be handled carefully and precisely. This ham-handed effort by the LA Dems will surely backfire, and deservedly so.And by the way, if you think that all my criticism of Jindal means I've ruled out voting for him-- think again.

Well said. He is right. I am fed up with these ads for various reason. But the poilitical part of me wonders WHO IN THE HE DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS thought this was a good idea. It is like the people directing political gamesmenship at the Democrat headquarters main experience was electing a guy Student President of Tulane or something. I take that back. That takes too much skill. Lets say Student Senator or the Junior class

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