Friday, August 24, 2007

THe Louisiana Catholic Bogger Roundup for the 24th of August

Starting in the Diocese of Lafayette

From The Recamier has a post up with information on the Saint we honored on 23rd that being Saint Rose of Lima, Virgin (died 1617). She also has a factoid on state that almost was here in the USA.

Footprints on the Fridge has a post on how to teach the lessons from Han Christian Anderson's Emperor's New Clothes and The Ugly Duckling to kids.

Dei Gratia has some thoughts on Ann Rice's recent political statements.

A Number of Things has a another post on Homemade toys called Calling All Toymakers!. Speaking of homemade items. Check out her business where she makes beautiful one of a kind Catholic and religious items.

Catholic Tube has a new vid up. This a tad different. It is about Mitt Romney's answer to a question if Bishops should deny communion to Pr Choice politicians.

We go up to the Diocese of Alexandria

Thoughts & Ruminations from Fr. Ryan has two good post up. Here is a post he has that links to article about the Masons. I recently helped priest move to a Church in the Diocese of Alexandria. I was kidding with him that the local Masonic lodge was directly across from his house. He also links to a story in the UK that we have talked about before. That is how Bishops there are supporting a book that is going against Pope Benedict among many other things

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks has two post since I last checked. Check out Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder and And to think... which is a special prayer request

Our Blogger ,which is currently in Texas but is from New Orleans Fr. Victor Brown’s Catholic Daily Message has a post up on the memorial we had yesterday too.

On to the Diocese of Baton Rouge.

Full Circle has a series of posts up today. First he has a post up regarding charges that Bobby Jindal converted to Catholicism simply for political reasons. I like how he makes the point that often folks that convert to the Catholic faith often how our motivations questioned. Bobby is simply a very big publicized version of that. He has a post The Journey Home round table presentation and discussion . This is about the talk he gave at his Church about his conversion to Catholicism. I did not realize this but he wrote 4 articles for Catholic Daily recently. Those articles are Discernment on the internet , Balancing technology with the spiritual life , Getting more out of St. Blogs , and YouTube Evangelists .

Is strongly suggest you read his post Democrats are desperate in Louisiana. He has a series of statements from Democrat elected officials that are not happy with these anti Catholic ads that the State Democrat party is running

The Brown Pelican Society has a series of post up as usual. They have a pro life focus. He also has a link to the Catholic News Agency article on How Bobby Jindal is being attacked for his faith. Read his other posts

Themes of Catholic Social Teaching, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown Appoints Key Abortion Advocates
Dark Spots Only Small Part of Church's Reality, Says Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Vatican
Secretary of State ,
Religious Communities Notice More Young Women Open to Religious Life, Amnesty International: What Part of Human Rights Don’t You Understand?
TODAY'S GOSPEL & MEDITATION - You Have Not Seen Anything Yet

Last but not least is Astonished, Yet at Home!

First lets keep his dad in our prayers. He has this you tube vid up in this post Hallelujah - Allison Crowe .
Mother Teresa Remembered is a post and link to memories from Mother Teresa's legal counsel. Suffering with God is a post that talks about the Christian answers to suffering. Did Guillani almost become a priest? Go to Father Rudy? to find out. A Second Chance is a Katrina related post.

Astonished has some Jindal post too regarding these anti Catholic ads that are running. Read Gubernatorial Candidate and Other Democrats Denounces Jindal Religious Smear . Prominent Baptists Renounce Democrat Smear of Jindal's Faith is a must read. Read also Some Democrat Leaders Denounce Religious Smear Attack on Bobby Jindal

Astonished has some other posts up but I am having to run across town for a sec. So I am having to submit this post in a hurry. GO Check them out

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