Sunday, August 22, 2010

Immigration Debate Gets No Where By Calling Lindsey Graham A Dred Scott Republican

Daily Kos has The blessings of liberty which visits the birthright citizenship issue.

When I read article like this and their tone I really don't think they care about the immigration issue. They just want to throw arrows.

John Kyl is mentioned too.

I am not sure how it helps the battle to get comprehensive immigration reform by trying to demonize some of the Republican allies of it which you are going to need in the future. Both Kyl and Graham are in this camp.

Further I think it is perfectly clear that the reason they are mentioning this as a possibility is to get immigration reform and give some sort of legal status to millions of undocumented people.

Now maybe it is not a good idea. But still I really wish liberals would be more careful with their verb age as to certain GOP allies they might have on the broader issue of immigration reform.

This article is not the worse offender I have seen but still.


SJ Reidhead said...

I feel sorry for him. The far right is furious with him, as is the far left.

The far left is ignoring the Chinese tourist story, which prompted Lindsey's decision - basically "birthright tourism". The far right is annoyed because he did march lock-step to their demands.

Makes you wonder what a normal Republican must do to pander for respect.

The Pink Flamingo

Pro Ecclesia said...

I'm a political independent, and I can't stand him. There's no ideal he won't sell out to "get the deal done".

That's what Lindsey Graham is all about: being seen as a deal-maker. He has no overriding principles beyond being the guy who cuts deals.

James H said...

I agree with SJ

Jay I guess I disagree with you there. I think he has principles. I mean he has been consistent on the Judiciary committee

Pro Ecclesia said...

Consistent on the judiciary committee? He sold out Bush's lower court nominees as part of the Gang of 7 or Gang of 14 or whatever you want to call it.

Look, I can imagine that there's a certain thrill a U.S. Senator gets from being in the middle of the whirlwind, as the Republican the Dems come to in order to get things done. That euphoria ensnared McCain, and it has also enraptured his protege, Graham. They like cutting deals because it keeps them front and center (literally, "center", at least in their minds) and beats getting nothing done (again, at least in their minds).

I just don't trust anyone who is constantly at the middle of cutting deals, and Lindsey Graham has built his Senate career around being the consumate deal maker.

Pro Ecclesia said...

And wasn't he one of the first to come out in support of Kagan? With "consistency" like that on the Judiciary Committee, I'd hate to see his "inconsistency".

He's "consistent" alright ... consistently turning backflips to appear reasonable and accomodating to those trying to subvert the Constitution via an activist judiciary.