Thursday, August 26, 2010

Texas Episcopal Church School Will Not Admit Child of Lesbians

Get Religion has a interesting look at a story that is running in the Dallas Morning News. See Preschool and the culture wars

I am going to be curious if this gets the publicity the Catholic Ardicocese of Denver got got when they had a similar situation.

Now it might because this is one othe orthodox conservative Dioceses that broke away from Espicopal Church USA. So there is that angle.

Also the reporter throws in this timebomb:

Civil rights laws on behalf of the Harrisons could prevail over the school’s right as a private institution to pick its students, Bloom said. But without a specific federal statute protecting the rights of the Harrisons as a married homosexual couple or their children, the school probably faces no legal repercussions.
“Basically, you end up with constitutional issues on both sides,” Bloom said. “On the one hand you have freedom of religion and freedom of association, and on the other hand you have freedom from discrimination.”.

Uh what? It was my belief that the Feds could never touch this area? Am I wrong? Lackland Bloom Jr., that is quoted is a law professor at Southern Methodist University. I think that is one of the more interesting and in my view alarming parts of the story. I guess he is basing that on something? What is that and what would be the legal repercussions?

Update I thought this comment was apt:
I am a bit mystified by this bit here. They are a “non-denominational” lesbian couple with a child, and the school is affiliated with the ACNA, a conservative Anglican body which exists in large part because of its feelings on the ECUSA’s attitudes towards gay people. What exactly would give these people the idea that their “values would align”, and what basis does the reporter have for saying this?

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