Friday, August 20, 2010

Obama To Speak At Xavier University in New Orleans- Bad Blood Between Xavier and the Archdiocese?

For the 5th anniversary of Katrina. See Obama to speak at Xavier in New Orleans

On a side note is there bad relations between the Archdiocese and Xavier? I have no clue but this is strange:
the prelate stated he had not been consulted nor invited to the campus event. At the time of the Obama event Aymond will be participating in an Interfaith Prayer Service at St. Louis Cathedral to pray for the continued rebuilding of the region devastated by the storm.

I find that very strange. Not even invited?

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Katherine said...

As a benefactor of XULA,I am familiar with the school. 99% of the University events go on without the Archbishop being invited.

In this case, most every institution in New Orleans is having a commemoration, so the Archbishop will have his in his cathedral, XULA will have its with the President (who already has an honorary doctorate from his previous visit) and others will have more still.

Dr. Norman Francis is one of the great Catholic laymen of modern times. I believe he has more papal honors than any living American layman.