Thursday, August 26, 2010

Archbishop of New Orleans Thanks You For Drinking A Lot of Abita Beer

Archbishop Gregory Michael Aymond

From The Archdiocese of New Orleans
Abita Brwery announced major gift to local Catholic Church from SOS Fund
Thursday August 26th 2010
Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans to receive $100,000 for ongoing oil spill relief
ABITA SPRINGS, La. – Today, August 26, 2010, David Blossman of Abita Brewery will present New Orleans Archbishop Gregory Aymond and Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans co-president Gordon Wadge with a check for $100,000 to help the church with their ongoing oil spill relief work.

The $100,000 gift from Abita’s SOS Fund will be used to help 40 families affected by the oil spill with direct gifts of $2500 each.

“We are extremely grateful for the generosity of the leaders of the Abita Brewery,” said Archbishop Aymond. “Their gift is proof that God is faithful, for as we began to fear monies for ongoing aid would run out, they have stepped up with this gift to help us continue our work and to continue to be the heart of Jesus Christ to those most in need.”

It was of great importance to Blossman and the Abita team that 100% of the funds be used for direct assistance, something Catholic Charities is uniquely positioned to do in the community.

“The response from our customers to Abita's SOS Charitable Pilsner has been amazing. The beer has only been on sale for a little over a month, so we're very pleased to be making our first donation so soon. Helping families on the Gulf Coast through these difficult times is exactly what we were hoping for when we created SOS,” said Blossman.

“We are committed to serving the people that are affected by this tragedy for the long term,” said Wadge. “Since the beginning of this disaster, Catholic Charities has been on the ground providing food, housing supplies, direct assistance and counseling to those whose livelihoods have been threatened. We will be there for the coastal communities through this tragedy.”


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Only in Looziana.

Hey, I wrote something awhile back which may amuse you:

James H said...

WOW great post. You captured rural Louisiana so well

kkollwitz said...

Thank you! That story has made me laugh for almost 50 years now.