Monday, August 30, 2010

Some Baptists Not Thrilled With Glenn Beck In Christian Leadership Roll

Joe Carter Via First Things at The Gospel and Glenn Beck. He links a pretty strong post by a important Baptist at God, the Gospel, and Glenn Beck. Further Denny Burke links it with approval though there is some interesting push back in his comment sections. See Beck’s Revival

I am not too concenred about Glenn Beck becoming the leader of a huge number of Christians. I might be wrong but I don't see that happening.

It seems at issue there are two things going on. First his Mormonism and by Beck becoming a "Christian Leader" theological and doctrinal concerns about Mormonism will be very much downplayed.

Well I suppose that could happen though Beck really is not preaching Mormon Doctrines. The closest he seems to get is talking about how American's founding documents were "inspired" and that seems to be a Mormon belief by some factions.

However besides that other points that I trust they would bring up if it was someone else than BECk and yes perhaps that has some validity.

Still this seems to be very much more akin to the Fourth of July God and Country Rallies we have seen in the past.

I am very doubtful that Beck is about to become a leader though to Christain Conservatives.

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