Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Excellent Eastern Orthodox Paper On Revelations And the Eastern Church Fathers -Plus Podcasts

I hope to engage this a good bit later. We are very fortunate that Dr. Jeannie Constantinou put her PHD paper online. There is a slight review and link where you can download it here at E. S. Constantinou, Andrew of Caesarea and the Apocalypse. It is a rather large file but worth it.

Of great interest she makes the very good case that the traditional view that John is the writer of Revelations is correct. There is a good run down of that at biblicalia and his Eusebius and the Apocalypse . Fun stuff and show the many reasons why there was a effort in some quarters to be hesitant about this book. In other words there were other concerns and agendas perhaps than the book itself.

Of course the great part of this is she gives us a English translation of Andrew of Caesarea on the Apocalypse which I take fro the post and comments from Evangelical Textual Criticism at their post Andrew of Caesarea and the Apocalypse in the Ancient Church of the East: Studies and Translation was a rather big deal.

I really enjoyed her commentary and I think is very useful for a Catholic in getting some needed historical context.

She also has a number of pod casts presentations on Revelations (including talking about the Rapture theory) here .

I hope to engage some things she has to say in particular the ever popular controversy of when Revelations was written which Catholic (maybe in Orthodox circles too ) debate a good.

Do not be intimidated by the size of her paper. Itis very easy reading.

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