Monday, August 23, 2010

Would We Be Having A Huge Controversy Over the Mosque if It Were Not August

Every August that rolls around we seem to have some "controversy" to fill in the news. Another Conservative Catholic is not getting the controversy either.

See Just Build the Damn Thing

I also like this part:
But the media must earn a crust and find a way to fill the time, and so it’s time that we have one of these tiresome “national conversations” — this time about religious freedom and forgiveness and building bridges and the nature of Islam. Perhaps I’ve turned grumpy or obtuse, but I think it’s rather a tremendous waste of time. The idea that much of anything would be out of place in New York seems rather hard to credit. And once all the fuss has died down, and it’s become clear that there’s really not much of anything that can be done about how the owners want to develop this particular piece of real estate, then the thing will be built and people will walk by it every day, and it will be just as forgotten as all the other national conversations we’ve felt the unaccountable need to have over the last few years.

The problem with these national conversations is it they mean much if we have them every few months.

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