Tuesday, August 31, 2010

CNN Resident Theologian John Cafferty and Altar Boy Wolf Blitzer Gives Opinions On Catholic Women Priests

Political commentator and LUTHERAN Jack Cafferty gives his opinion over at CNN on the Catholic Church and if the Church should ordain women. Why does he care? Why does CNN care? Heck in the part of the Lutheran world in which he practices he does not view ordination as one of the REAL sacraments. So heck he should be disqualified from pontificating to start with!!

Shall they now be commenting on if Catholics should lower the age to receive communion? See for the latest Jack Cafferty's Latest Rant Against Catholic Church: Ordain Women

When is he as well as other secular media going to turn their gaze toward Eastern Orthodox. Where are the rants there? Why are they getting a pass from of the Congregation of the Holy Inquisition CNN Branch.

Better yet perhaps Cafferty should stick to just Lutheran matters if he thinks he needs to comments at all.

His eager Altar boy Wold Blitzer said
"I know a lot of people agree with you on that, Jack- a lot of people out there."

Big whoop!! Oh and Wolf Blitzer who is Jewish if I recall correctly kept calling Vespers the Mass when the Pope visited CUA.

Update- I have no problem with deep religious issues and news being discussed in the secular media. I want that .How about people though that are qualified to discuss it and give it the balanced attention it deserves.

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