Friday, August 20, 2010

Episcopal Church Even More Anxious To Commit Suicide

The TEC has been liberal for some time. No news there.

The progressive theological bent of the TEC has been there for some time.

However even when female Priests came on the scene these women were often on their best behavior. No outlandish vestments and no messing around with the Worship found in the Book of Common Prayer. In fact they looked very much different that the Cathlic women and religious that wanted to become Priests and were ranting that the Liturgy itself was oppressive.

It seemed in some parts of the TEC faith there was a informal agreement. OK you can do all this but just don't mess around with the Liturgy!! A person in the pews that might have misgivings about what the TEC was doing still could pretend that was not happening by attending an Orthodox Episcopal Liturgy. It very much enabled a Parish Bunker mentality that thus enabled DENIAL.

Well that appears to be changing as the TEC is doing their best imitations of the worst of 1970 and 80's Catholicism. DON'T GO THERE TRUST ME IT DOES NOT WORK!!


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