Monday, August 30, 2010

Are Louisiana Folks "Wallowing in Katrina "

So says Wallowing in Katrina via Powerline!!

First yes I suppose people want to move on. There is a sense down here I believe that this will be the last hurrah as to anniversaries. I can deal with that.

However as one of the folks "down there" let me give another viewpoint. I actually thought a lot of the stories were showing how much we have improved. There were also a lot of stories on how people did a lot of things on their own.

However still after five years on the left or the right there is little sense of the danger of Coastal erosion. YES IT IS A FEDERAL PROBLEM. It might shock people elsewhere but we cannot just on our own divert the nation's largest highway , the Mississippi River, nor close down the Intra Coastal waterway. SHOCKING I KNOW. In fact you can't do anything down here without getting approval by the Feds.

Further if my fellow Conservatives have not noticed the President put about 23,000 people out of work "Down here" by executive fiat through his dandy deep water oil drilling moratorium. So we are losing out on all sorts of tax revenue to take care of our own problems. We started to get some attention on that but over riding issues such as THE MOSQUE seemed more important and now that story has gone off most conservative blogs.

Oh and its gets worse. We by State Constitutional amendment passed a law saying that all State Revenue from these oil leases (in which we get less than other States) would go to Coastal erosion so you would not have to deal with it as much.

But this is what happens when so much of the media focus just on New Orleans and does not go just miles outside it.

I hate to say it but after five years neither the left nor the right have realized the core problem.

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