Monday, August 30, 2010

What Obama Said On Coastal Erosion At His Xavier Speech

The Hayride takes a critical look at some of his comments here as a whole. The full text of President Obama's speech is here.

We have to wait a while but about halfway through he offers this.
Even as we continue our recovery efforts, we’re also focusing on preparing for future threats – so that there is never another disaster like Katrina ever again. The largest civil works project in American history is underway to build a fortified levee system. And as I pledged as a candidate, we’re going to finish this system by next year, so that this city is protected against a 100-year storm. Because we should not be playing Russian roulette every Hurricane season. We’re also working to restore protective wetlands and natural barriers that were not only damaged by Katrina but had been rapidly disappearing for decades.

One freaking sentence!! And a vague one at that!! Everyone one says they are working to restore wetlands!! What is the plan? How much money are you willing to pressure Congress to put into this? Compare the specific examples the President gives as to other activities to Coastal erosion projects!!

Disappointing. I don't expect we shall see our President down here again in the region except to perhaps try to push Richmond in the winning column if he needs it against Cao. I don't expect we will hear a good bit about Coastal erosion then either.

Katrina and Rita that happened just a few weeks later affected more than just New Orleans of course. Something that is missed in these visits.

Until Coastal erosion is seriously handled then we are just spinning our wheels.

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