Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Associated Press Does Predictable Story on Catholic Missal Changes.

As Get Religion points out SADLY predictable. See AP’s tour de force on the Roman Missal.

They funny thing is I predict in about two years I think the Laity will very much enjoy the changes. Just like if they brought back Altar Rails as the norm !! The Catholic American Liturgical elite would scream but about 80 percent of Catholics would love it.


Ellen said...

Be careful when exulting over 80% approval ratings by the laity. Far more would approve of divorce, birth control, lay control of parishes, election of bishops, etc., etc. If the Church would let herself be run by majority vote an awful lot would change!

James H said...

Oh I agree with that. I am not saying the Laity should vote on major Doctrines. I just think they woiuld like thinks that would reinforce their Catholic ID and come from their own tradition but were perhaps too quickly discrded. So not changes to something new but a recovery