Monday, August 23, 2010

Adding More Links To the Sidebar

OK time to do part II of links I am adding to the sidebar. I shall have a several more of these posts. I am also going to get rid of dead link and updating others. Plus moving to giving the blog a new look.

Liturgy- A very good Anglican blog by a Priest in New Zealand that should be liked by all liturgical Christians

Almost Chosen People. - A very cool United States history blog.

Cajun Conservatism - A conservative Republican Louisiana blog with a good focus on national and Louisiana politics.

A Catholic Deacon blog from Voorheesville, NY, USA see Deacon's Blog

The Daily Kingfish which a progressive liberal Louisiana themed blog.

Whosoever Desires is group blog by some young Jesuits. One of those Jesuits is Nathan O'Halloran, SJ who is in New Orleans.

Bob's Sports Blog
focuses in College Sports mostly LSU

I should have this up before the morning. More to come.


Andy said...

FYI - your link to Rod Dreher is out of date. He moved over to Big Questions Online, a Templeton Foundation site that is pretty good, though I think he took a recent hiatus.

James H said...

thanks. I have been meaning to change that