Monday, September 19, 2011

Southern Baptists Tonight Makes Concrete Moves TO Drop the "Southern"

Expect a good many more posts than usual this week. I had some major oral surgery today that will be keep me home bound for a few days.

On that note, I was following Southern Baptist Leader Albert Mohler on the tweet thing when he said he had some breaking news from meeting of the Executive Council of the Southern Baptist Convention that is taking place tonight.

He followed up by:
Bryant Wright: "Another move forward will be a committee to consider changing the name of the SBC." Explaining now. #SBC

Jimmy Draper to serve as chairman of task force to consider name change. Others named in minutes. #SBC

SBC Executive Committee member Darrell Orman of FBC Stuart, FL calls for a one year legal study prior to any other consideration. Speaking

That name carnage is dropping the "Southern". Which I think is a good move on their part. In fact there are great number of Southern Baptist Churches that have dropped both the "Southern" and "Baptist" all over the place.

I actually think dropping the "Southern" is more likely to happen than many Baptist think. Partly because that "Southern" comes from schism that revolved around a issue that most Southern Baptist realize they were on the side on.

From a pure ID point of view I think dropping the "Baptist" as to local Southern Baptist Faith Communities has been a mistake. I never saw how that helpsome of the Catholic Parishes that tried something like for instance "St Marys Faith Community" and other such 80's and 90 fads.

Keeping the word Baptist would reinforce a "catholic" like identity and also help Baptist kids from going to another evangelical like Church in the future even if it differs on the details.

I have little doubt the "Southern" might be dropped from the Convention and again that truly reflects the worldwide nature of the Convention. Baptist though ain't going anywhere

WARNING THOUGH!! Baptist and Catholic are taken so don't yall go there :)


sara said...

I'm a Southern Baptist and proud of it...and I don't no one be touching either part of it.

James H said...

Well that is a big position that is out there. THough I am surpised at through twitter and such I am not seeing the opposition I thought