Monday, September 19, 2011

Live Free Catholic Or Die - Pope Benedict Gives New Hampshire A New Bishop -Bishop Peter Libasci's

The Pope made a rather big appoitment today to one of those United States "State Wide" Dioceses. That is the Diocese of Manchester.

See Granite Gets Rock: Long Island's Libasci Headed to New Hampshire and a follow up here at In Manchester, "Arise and Walk"

The poor Diocese of Fresno , the longest on the list, without a Bishop is still waiting. Though as can be seen here and as Rocco explains there are reasons to move quick here.

It should also be noted ( though I am not sure it played a role in Benedict's thinking and those that advise him) that Pope Benedict has appointed two New York Long Island folks to "State wide Diocese" that play play critical roles in American politics each year in that they play a big role in deciding who is will be a President.

The other being Msgr Bob Guglielmone who was named bishop of Charleston (South Carolina) in early 2009.

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