Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fearful Father Pavone and Priests For Life Situation Will End Badly

This will not end well I fear and everyone is a loser by it. See from the Deacon Bench On Fr. Pavone: his “last stand”?

Needless to say I think the Bishop did not handle this right from the start. However now Father Pavone and perhaps it is more correct to say also his supporters are escalating this to a new level that is bringing in other issues. Thankfully I think most of the Orthodox Catholic Pro-life community realizes this.

See from one reputable source these posts as just one example.

The issues we are now are approaching have less to do with the pro-life movement and look more like the Father Michael Pfleger situation in Chicago but with a more "conservative" face. Now Father Pavone has not got there yet but any means. However I am thinking more of that Chicago situation more and more which is not good.

The problem is I think Father Pavone's supporters are not helping. This is a situation that should be handled between Father Pavone and his Bishop in private. The fact that this war of tweets and web posts keeps going on is not making this situation better. Positions are hardening and as I mention ( and As In the Light of the Law shows in the above link) other unrelated non pro-life matters such as a Bishop's relationship to his Priest are coming in.

I wonder if ten years ago this matter would have been settled in a far different way.

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