Monday, September 19, 2011

Some Rather Big Church Property Law News Comes Out Of Louisiana ( Dennis Canon )

I missed this when it was announced by the Louisiana 1st State Circuit Court of Appeals last week. See New Signs of Trouble for the Dennis Canon

Thus Louisiana is starting to contribute to the the rather conflicting jurisprudence that we are seeing nationwide as to the Dennis Canon issues and related property matters..

The First Circuit pretty covers a good bit of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana for what it is worth. I am sure the Bishop and individuals in the Diocese of Western Louisiana are looking at this case with interest too as we see events unfold nationwide as property and jurisdiction fights.

There is a "view" that the Diocese of Louisiana is more "liberal" and in sync with the leadership of Episcopal Church USA than the The Diocese of Western Louisiana.

Well that might be so but there pockets of resistance in the Diocese of Louisiana. Further the Bishop of the Diocese of Western Louisiana is not keen on a schism either ( though one can argue if one has in fact took place with Anglicanism) . We shall see how that plays out there.

I have a feeling in Louisiana among the faith group affected in the near future , like this case, the real action will be with the Presbyterians. We shall see if another state circuit Court takes this up or if the Louisiana State Supreme Court decides to take this current case up itself.

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