Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Louisiana Versus Texas - Two Views From Allied Folks on Textbooks and "Evolution"

I found this article interesting since it shows how groups that are in the same camp on issues can have have two widely different viewpoints and strategies.

In Louisiana again we have had a rather long discussion of the ability of local School Boards to supplement their textbooks with additional material. This often revolves around the issue of evolution but does not have too. But intelligent design and evolution is always in the background. The theme being "those anti Science " folks.

But in Texas we see this position as summed up in a letter to the Austin paper from the Texas Freedom Network. See New law allows more local control in textbook picks

Now if you read the letter you can see from the tone what side of the cultural divide this author might be on. Of course the interesting thing, and I may be wrong, how she presents this the new Texas law also gives let say a school board the ability to supplement their textbooks with other material (maybe intelligent design) though I suspect he might be a fan of that. However she to think in the big scheme of things that is ok. LOCAL CONTROL. As you can see from her web site she is not a big fan of some on the religious right.

The irony is a somewhat similar proposed law was shot down by "watchdogs" of the religious right here in Louisiana. See Louisiana Coalition for Science: Frank Hoffman’s HB580 Is A “Stealth Creationism Bill”

So policy concerns that many of the same aligned groups share can have radically different strategies because they are separated by the Sabine River?

I am not a expert on this law and the devil is in the details. However at first glance it appears these folks are going for some local discretion with their view they will win on the local level for their aims while their friends in Louisiana are fighting it tooth and nail.

I just found that interesting.

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