Sunday, September 11, 2011

Anglo Catholic Ordinariate Sighting In the Diocese of Shreveport

Blogger finally fixed the problem that was not allowing me to log on to my blog so after a few days absence I am back again.

The Anglo Catholic had a piece that caught my eye because it happened in my own Diocese of Shreveport Louisiana. See the The Red Mass. That Red Mass happened in the very wonderful
St. Matthew's Church of Monroe, Louisiana.

What caught my eye was the writer of that post ,Fr. Christopher G. Phillips , and also who gave the Red Mass Homily is a big gun in the Anglican Use / Anglo Catholic /Ordinariate He is pastor of perhaps the most successful Anglican Use Parishes and schools in the USA.

He in all likelihood knows Bishop Duca but it would be nice if perhaps while he was here he met with possible Ordinariate curious folks. Perhaps he did since Monroe has one of the most Anglo Catholic Episcopal friendly Churches in the area. Regardless it is nice to see that Bishop Duca seems friendly to him and perhaps the Anglo Catholic Ordinariate.

Quite a honor to have him up and the text of the Homily (at the above link ) is good.

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Anonymous said...

We'll see, it will probably be a sign when Bishop Duca ordains Keith Garvin. Don't you think?